About Visa

“Persagal highly recommends you to secure your Iran visa prior to your trip”

Any idea of the benefits?

The cheapest, quickest, easiest and most reliable way to obtain an Iran visa is by applying via a trustworthy travel service provider such as Persagal.

1- Grant your Iran visa prior to your trip: 

Dismiss the worry of even the slightest chance of being rejected upon your arrival. If you apply through Persagal, you may even collect your visa sticker at any one of the airports in Iran (see the table below). With an Iran Tourist Visa ready, you can have a smooth entry into Iran without any problems.

2- It is actually cheaper:

Undoubtedly, using Persagal's visa service not only costs you less for the visa stamp per se, but also saves you time and money travelling to the embassy to collect your visa.

3- Quicker results: 

You might think if you apply for a Visa on Arrival at the airport, you get to avoid any pre-trip hassle, but you will need to submit your visa application and make the payment at the airport itself. Depending on the queue, you might have to wait up to two hours before your visa is ready.

4- You get to avoid any post-arrival-at-airport hassle: 

You will avoid lengthy lines (queues) waiting to be attended to or to proceed the visa process. In addition, you may skip any extra bureaucratic procedure or interview with an immigration officer at the airport.

With Persagal, we guarantee a smooth entry into what will be a memorable journey


List of Iran’s Visa Free Zones

You can stay in Anzali, Aras, Arvand, Chahbahar, Kish Island, Maku, and Qeshm Island without any Iranian visa for 14 days/ up to 14 days and to extend your stay, you can pay a small amount of money at the affiliated offices of MFA in Iran.

List of Visa-Free Nationalities

The following nationalities can enter Iran without a visa, and to extend their stay they can pay a small amount of money at the affiliated offices of MFA in Iran: